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RED: Fate and Time Inseparable...A Promise Volume Two Book 2 Coming Soon 2024

RED: Fate and Time Inseparable...A Promise Volume Two Book 2 Coming Soon 2024

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Rated M: Mature + Teen


Red: Fate and Time Inseparable...A Promise  Volume Two Book 2


A Symbolic Light Novel Series By: 陳 順 元 & 陳 元 天 使 


Red: Fate and Time Inseparable... A Promise explores themes such as "what is the meaning of true love," based on fate and soulmates through Tian and San's romantic rivalry. Readers are reminded that we should not settle for less and do not decorate our dreams, as well as understand that the greatest assets to human beings are our minds and hearts. As individuals one can achieve many realistic dreams and desires. With that said this family drama chronicles the enlightening meaning of true love, beyond selfish human emotion through the essence of time.


“The outside world can be very cruel and thoughtless. . .   be very careful not to trust men. . .  this may sound very mean and rough; however, they are like cute dogs that will urinate every tree they pass by. . . it’s in their nature and that is normal. . .”    

                   Rabbit Girl Lin 先生 , The Head Priestess


Creator: 陳 順 元 & 陳 元 天 使 


Red: Fate and Time Inseparable... A Promise 林美🐰💘 Plush Bunny represent one of the Chinese/Japanese zodiac animals, "The Lucky Rabbit".  The Hare is considered the luckiest zodiac of all folkore animals in ancient and modern times.


Based on this symbolic light novel series will 林美🐰💘 bring luck to the Gay Man Child Heaven Boy👼 future or tear down his idealistic world, breaking "Faith" itself?  


Faith👼 vs Fate🐰💘


One Shall Stand . . .  🐰💘  💞   👼 . . .  One Shall Fall



 Rabbit Girl Lin🐰💘 

"Heaven Boy👼 cannot escape from me... 💋"           


Mei Li💞

"Bring it!, stupid rabbit!"


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Disclaimer:  Volume Two Book 2 is considered controversial based on world society beliefs and opinions. To each their own.





RED: Fate and Time Inseparable...A Promise Volume One Book 1


Before the lovable "Rabbit🐰💘", meet the fiery beautiful "Phoenix" Mei Li💞


Mei Li's💞   greatest nemesis;

Lin Mei Usagi 🐰💘 aka Rabbit Girl Lin🐰💘




  • Specifications

    Exclusive Right License:  マフィップ

    Publisher:  Pending

    Book Format:  Paperback, Hardcover

    Number of Pages:  Pending

    Language Pending:  English, 日本語


    Author:  陳 順 元 & 陳 元 天 使


    Red: Fate and Time Inseparable... A Promise Volume Two Book 2

    ISBN-13:  Pending

    Publication Date:  Pending, 2022

    First Copy:  Winter 2022

    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)

    9.00 x 6.00 x 1.50 Inches

    ISBN-10:  Pending

  • Author First Print Limited Edition Collection

    Author 30 first limited edition print before being sold to the public worldwide. This limited edition is currently not available to the public.

    This limited edition collectible print will be available when the anime, manga, 日本 light novel are made public.

    Volume Two - Four: Pending

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    Also available through domestic online retailers.


  • Suggested Retail Pricing

    eBook Not Available

    Paperback $13.00

    Hardcover $22.00

  • Pending Project

    Anime, Audio Book, Live Action-Drama Film, Manga, Streaming

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