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IP License Adaptation

IP Partnership

IP Available in 2023

Updates: Sep 23 2023

Major 日本 publication/entertainment company is presently pending

with upcoming  "日本のREDバージョン2.0"  proposal presentation.

An official press release to reveal promotion and details

upon completion of due diligence.

* * *

International Light Novel Series Publication / Film Inquiry:


Volume One Book 1

Audio-Book Volume One Book 1

Volume Two Book 2

Volume Three Book 3


IP Interest collaboration / partnership with


日本 . . 中国 . . 남한 . . 米国

Publisher / Producer

Production collaboration / partnership project:

anime, light novel series, manga, drama film, music, merchandise, games

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RED ©2023 陳 順 元 & 陳 元 天 使. All Rights Reserved.

RED Zero ©2023 陳 順 元 & 陳 元 天 使. All Rights Reserved.

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