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RED: 運命と時間 切っても切れない... 約束

Updated: Apr 20

Faith vs Fate


2025 ~ 2026

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RED: Fate and Time Inseparable…A Promise

C H A P T E R 1


The moonlight shone above the night sky.... As the curtain closed ... a ring

echoed in the room. Another ring echoed again .... Unknown to the heart

that was filled with excitement and happiness whose dream was thought to

be fulfilled.

Tian smiled as he answered, “Hello?” He listened without a word.

“Why?” ... Silence struck the room ....

At that moment, everything stood still. Suddenly, the pressure thickened

as the heart thumped fast and faster. Just short of a breath as the air felt

heavy. Heavy breathing unstoppable.

“What is this?” as Tian touched his cheek. A deep sigh as Tian’s facial ex-

pression tightened. Such pain as he pressed his palm on his chest. More

deep sighs and heavy breathing.

Falling as he hit the soft mattress while gazing at the ceiling with disbelief....

So angry, so sad, so hurt, so this was that feeling that time could only mend....

“Sigh ... hmmmm.”

Tian could not grasp that moment of despair. His dream world crumbled

just with one click. How cruel could one be living on faith? Was this all a

lie, how did one know and believe how one felt?

The day passed by as Tian still could not accept the truth. There was an

emptiness feeling as he looked at his phone and began to dial, maybe it was

only a dream.




Silence ....

“Please don’t call me again, it’s very hard on me, please….”

Tian finally realized and woke up from the dream, it was reality. The days,

the months, the year continued, his heart now closed and hardened with a

lesson in life. Tian thought to himself, I don’t want to hurt anymore, even my

own blood hurt me ... why do the heavens make me suffer... what did I do

wrong ... tell me ...!

Summer ended and another day went by. While driving, Tian looked in

the mirror as his mother spoke to him from the back seat. He sensed some-

thing was up with his mother’s facial expression. Mome frowned for a mo-

ment before speaking to her son as he drove.

“Tian, Mom has to tell you something. I don’t know, but within two

years, please forgive your mom, I have a feeling that I won’t be the same as

now.... I just want to let you know, my son, you will need to be strong in

your life.”

Tian responded, “What ... hmm?”

It was just the beginning for the Heaven Boy, destiny awaited him, a life-

time journey began as the two years had arrived as he searched for the

meaning of true love. While driving Tian thought of the past as a young

child living with his mother.

Flashback: Mome responded to her present husband: “When I think

about Tian’s father, I get so angry and looking at this child I feel no love for

him, he was a mistake.”

Tian was lying on the bed in the living room, listening to his parents’

conversation as tears dropped.... He felt so devastated hearing those words

from his loving mother.

The Heaven Boy was thinking to himself, why was he born in the first place?

So unbearable, more tears flowed as the mattress dampened by his ears....

The beating of a child’s heart echoed silently in the middle of the night,

believing his mother did not love him.


* * * * * * * * * * *

A love so pure, a love so cruel!

Faith💞 vs Fate🐰💘

. . . . . . . Reverse . . . . . . .

Former Shrine Maiden 林美🐰💘 vs Mei Li💞,

an emotional epic love battle for the ages!

Preview Chapters

Volume Two Book 2


Volume Two Book 2 is considered controversial based on world society beliefs and opinions. To each their own. Mature +Teen

All other trademarks, images, and music is the property of their respective owners.

RED art, images, characters & stories are owned and copyrighted through

RED ©2024 陳 順 元 & 陳 元 天 使. All Rights Reserved.

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I Hope U All Enjoy This Beautiful Anime Style Display💗!

Wait Till U All See Volume Two Book 2, It's Even More Vibrant n Emotion!

Here Is Another Treat For The Romantic Dreamers 💗

Symbolism From The Light Novel Series -

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