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Faith v Fate


By  陳 順 元 & 陳 元 天 使

Genre: Fantasy Light Novel

Under Construction - Available in 2024

Demon King San💞 vs Heaven Boy👼

"The Great Heaven threaten to recall humanity existence as the Under World stand in the balance to preserve the cycle of life . . . Rebirth."  

One Shall Stand . . . 💞. .👼. . One Shall Fall


* * * Light Novel Music Premier Teaser * * * *

​ . . . . . ..

“你怎麼捨得我難過” 中国  Opening Theme🌹

Missing you is day after day

I'm alone and still haven't changed

When will beautiful dreams appear

My dear, I really want to see you again

The autumn wind blows by

Remember this time last year what is your heart thinking

Why leave this ending for me to bear

I love you the most

How could you make me sad when i need you the most

leave without saying a word

I love you the most

How could you make me sad

I paid so much for you but you haven't been touched🌹

. . . . . . .            . . . . . .

Note: Cover Music ( Artist - See Below )


Title:  你怎麼捨得我難過

Music Artist:  黃品源

Album: 男配角的心聲


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RED Zero 少年 Spin-Off : Video



Prologue Teaser


Legend of The Golden Tiger Claw

" 一万个舍不得  " RED Zero Music Theme (中 国 語 版)

Music Artist:  庄心妍

RED Zero 少年 Spin-Off : Video



The Under World v The Great Heaven

RED Zero 少年 Spin-Off : Video
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